A Faith-Based Planning Alternative

The Catholic Funeral Plan puts your mind at ease.

It is a faith-based, pre-need plan that allows Catholic families to plan their funeral arrangements in advance. The plan guarantees that, when you die, the funeral arrangements you’ve selected will be delivered as planned and in accordance with the liturgical traditions of the Church.


How much does a funeral cost?

Dramatic changes are taking place today in the way we buy goods and services. Locally owned banks, grocery stores and drug stores are giving way to regional or national chains. The funeral industry is no exception.

Large, publicly-held corporations and regional consolidators are beginning to dominate the industry, driving up the prices and changing how funerals are delivered.

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How can I ensure my last wishes are respected?

The Catholic Funeral Plan respects your right to choose. The decision is yours and yours alone. Should you wish to change your plan or move out of the area, you can modify your plan at that time with no hassles!

So, no matter where you live, the Plan lets you select the funeral home of your choice. No restrictions, no prior Plan approval.

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Why pre-plan with The Catholic Funeral Plan?

The unique advantage of the Catholic Funeral Plan is the presence of the Catholic Family Security Association to oversee the entire process - from the time you make your funeral arrangements until they’re delivered. Most other pre-need plans are agreements between the funeral director and the customer which can often be restrictive.

We assure that the arrangements will conform to your wishes and contain all the essential elements of a Catholic funeral.

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