Our Pledge to You

Through The Catholic Funeral Plan, you’re now free to plan your final arrangements in a dignified, thoughtful manner.

The Catholic Funeral Plan compassionately and affordably addresses the many concerns every Catholic family must face at the time of death, in a way consistent with your faith.

Your Financial Protection

All of our plans are designed with the Catholic family in mind. By pre-planning, you help protect yourself against the higher future cost of funerals and burials. The Plan is designed with an Increasing Death Benefit to offset those future higher costs. Since we use insurance policies to fund the Plan, most Catholic families enjoy additional benefits including a payoff in the event of death. What’s more, unlike many funeral plans, all plan funds that remain after a funeral are promptly returned to the family providing an extra measure of financial comfort. No matter what your financial circumstances, a plan can be designed to assist you in taking care of this eventual need in an affordable manner.

Your Choice of Funeral Home; You Maintain Control

The Catholic Funeral Plan respects your right of choice. So, no matter where you live, the Plan lets you select the funeral home of your choice. No restrictions, no prior plan approval. The decision is yours and yours alone. Should you wish to change your arrangements or move out of the area, you can modify your arrangements at that time with no hassle. Unlike other funeral plans, you are in total control of your arrangements with The Catholic Funeral Plan. You know where your funds are and how they are growing. Best of all, at the time of death, the funeral provider you choose will only be paid if, and when, the services you’ve selected have been provided.



A Burden Lifted

Catholic Funeral Plan professionals work directly with the funeral home to obtain the funeral you want and to assure your family that they receive the full range of liturgical options available from the Church. By serving as a trusted advisor, the Catholic Family Security Association assures that your loved ones are allowed to mark the passing in quiet reflection…not beset by needless questions, details, expenses, and time pressures.

Full Service, Single-Source Convenience

Rest assured the Catholic Funeral Plan not only honors the arrangements you want, but also incorporates the liturgical options available to you from the Church. In short, the Plan can help you address everything from your Catholic funeral to your burial in a Catholic Cemetery. The plan is affordable and provides you with the certainty you want and deserve.

Endorsed by the Diocese

The Catholic Funeral Plan is the only funeral plan that has the approval and endorsement of the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh. Unlike other plans, The Catholic Funeral Plan was designed to benefit Catholic families.