With The Catholic Funeral Plan you have 100% confidence that your final instructions will be performed to the letter.

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    The Catholic Funeral Plan is an important planning tool to insure that our funeral arrangements are carried out in conformity with our faith and the norms of the Church, and to insure that they are carried out according according to your wishes.

    David A. Zubik, Bishop of Pittsburgh
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    The Catholic Funeral Plan is an important new option available to Catholics who want to pre-plan their funeral in the Catholic tradition. In keeping with the mission of the Catholic Family Security Association, the Plan preserves and protects the burial customs of the Church by ensuring that those who desire a funeral in the Catholic tradition receive one.

    Statement of then Bishop Donald Wuerl Bishop of Pittsburgh Diocese 1988-2006
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    They had all the knowledge of starting an irrevocable trust when my mother was on a spend down. She was getting ready for Medicaid eligibility when she was going into the nursing home.

    Edna C., Pennsylvania
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    We were really surprised at the cost of funerals today. The representative gave us information about costs in our area and how we could save money. The extra plus was that we could protect ourselves from the higher future cost of funerals in the future. We're so glad we did it.

    Joe & Martha M., Pennsylvania